The Band Cheap Trick got a little scare, and so did some of their fans. Makes you think, we get just as nasty weather here.

No one was seriously hurt.

"The stage blew down and collapsed," a statement on the band's website said. "Everyone is shaken up but band and crew are all fine."

Manager Dave Frey confirmed for CNN that the band was unharmed.

"One of our drivers will spend the night in the hospital and though we're not sure how, Cheap Trick are grateful and happy to say that everyone, including all the concert goers, are okay," Frey said.

A picture on the band's website showed a tangle of metal girders under a darkly overcast sky.

The website for the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest said there were "no serious injuries." It also said that severe weather had forced the closure of all venue stages for the night.

Cheap Trick is best known for its hits "Surrender" "Dream Police" and "I Want You To Want Me."