U.S. Catholic leaders have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over the expected loss of their religious freedoms - in regards to the health care mandates.  Forty one Catholic organizations - including diocesan-level rank and file to Catholic schools and hospitals - have filed the suit to uphold their First Amendment rights.

Even as the Supreme Court mediates on whether or not Obama's Health Care bill is legal, the infringements as they correspond to the Catholic Church, Catholic organizations, and even other religious organizations is now being formally challenged.

The federal lawsuits represent the largest push against the mandate since President Obama announced the policy in January. Among those suing are the Pennsylvania Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Erie, the University of Notre Dame, and the Catholic University of America.

Obama's mandate would require all employers to pay for birth control methods - including abortions - as part of their employees insurance coverage.  Initial objections brought a terse "compromise";  Critics object because their weren't involved in the "compromise" discussion, and that the revised legislation doesn't go far enough to protect religious freedoms.