Weird News

What Does Baja Mean?
While I don't profess to be an English major,  I have always been fascinated by our language.  I find words and grammar interesting and I like to know more about the language we speak (and write).
Milwaukee Brewers Ban High-Fives to Avoid Spreading Pink Eye
The pink eye epidemic has spread into the Milwaukee Brewers clubhouse, so the team is invoking a new rule to stop the spread of the infection: no more high-fives. That's right, the most popular way that athletes celebrate is now banned by the team so players, coaches, and other staff members do…
Have You Ever Eaten Something While Driving?
Of course you have, we all have at one time or another right? All you have to do is watch cars leaving the drive-in window at a fast food place, and before you know it, their reaching in the bag for a fry, or a quick burger bite.

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