Have Automated Store Clerks Taken Over?
Full disclosure:  I dislike automated tellers and self-check out lines.  Why should I ring up my own sale and bag my own groceries without some form of discount off the bill?.  In other words - if the owner of the store is saving money by not paying human beings to wait on me, why shouldn't I be ent…
New Phone App Stops You From Texting And Driving
There are a number of apps available that help you or prevent you from doing something. This one is a good idea and seems to do what it says it will. Stop you from texting while you drive. Hopefully you have pledged not to text and drive, don't trust yourself? Then this is for you.
Could You Lose Your Job To A Computer
Since the advent of smart computers, people have always said they will take over. Look at the grocery store and some department stores with the self check out. Auto assembly lines too. There are some jobs safe from computer take over.
Five Apps That can Drive Your Spouse Crazy
Like you, I use apps on a daily basis. I use both ios and android apps, however I am pretty careful in that I only use apps that are productive for me. I might be in the minority I'll admit, but I just don't have time or desire for anything else.

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