Rayman Reviews Get On Up, The Story of James Brown [REVIEW]
I'll admit doing a movie about legendary James Brown is appealing, it's also almost impossible to do it justice in a mere 2 hours and 20 minutes. That being said, I began watching with high hopes. After watching the flick, my only hope was to get my money back.
The Top Six Cars/Suv’s Consumers Hate The Most
What do you do when you purchase a vehicle and grow to hate it the longer you drive it? The answer is you loose. You can't sell it for what you owe one it, you'll get nowhere near what you paid  if you trade, in short, your just plain stuck. I'm sure we've all been there bef…
Take a Ride on the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad
Recently Mrs. Rayman, my brother in law Rick, and Gus went for a ride on the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad train. The route the train took was scenic, and everyone had a wonderful time. The coolest part of the whole trip though, was the kindness of the entire crew. The engineer and conduc…

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