Who Is God Picking In This Years Super Bowl, You Might Be Surprised
According to a recent poll, one in four Americans believe God has an influence over who wins sporting games. That praying helps shove those odds up even higher, or so they say. Half of Americans that took the poll, said God rewards sports stars that are religious and pray often. Ok, so how do you ex…
Mike Ditka Struggles Again on Saturday’s NFL Countdown [VIDEO]
I was watching the Saturday edition of NFL Countdown on ESPN and found Mike Ditka dazed and confused...again. During a discussion on the Saints-Eagles game, Ditka dropped some knowledge on Kansas City Chiefs DT Dontari Poe. Apparently the coach read the wrong card and talked about KC-Indy game …
Jared Allen To Remain A Viking, Here’s The Story
Yesterday was the trading deadline, and Jared Allen was the hot topic. First of all, it surprised me that Jared Allen was on the trading block. Then I saw how much he makes and how old he is. Two things the Minnesota Vikings have always hated.

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