Federal Judge Overturns Adrian Peterson’s Suspension [VIDEO]
The Adrian Peterson saga took another turn Thursday as federal judge ruled in favor of Peterson, who had appealed his suspension from the NFL.  This most likely opens the door for him to return to the league before the original date of April 15th.  The question is, where will he play?
The NFL Means Not For Long If All Their Current Problems Continue
Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson seem to be the tip of the ice berg lately with all the cheating and other charges. On Monday Johnny Manzel, the number one pick from Cleveland put himself in treatment. Everyone saw the signs coming, he parties all the time, doesn't show up to practice. He has to be…
Guess How Busy Super Bowl Sunday Will Be for Pizza Delivery Guys?
It's estimated that close to 112 million football fans will be glued to the screen this Sunday to watch the big game. And guess what? They all eat! One of the most popular foods is Pizza. Some simply make them at home, but if you're having the gang over, you'll need a lot of pizza.

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