When I first saw the new ad campaign for BP I raised an eyebrow.  Apparently, so are the locals in the Gulf Coast.

Nearly 20 months after its massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP is pushing a slick nationwide public relations campaign to persuade Americans that the Gulf region has recovered.

The ads tailored to look like tourism ads for the region.  The commercials tout the benefits and events of what the Gulf Coast has to offer for your family vacation dollars.  It's only at the end of the television commercial  that you are informed that the advertisment was paid for by BP.

However, some Gulf Coast locals take issue with the "rosy"-picture that the media campaign paints.

But BP PLC's rosy picture of the Gulf seems a bit too rosy for many people who live there — even if the campaign helps persuade Americans to visit the region and spend their money.

Some locals dismiss the advertising blitz as "BP propaganda."