We've seen some pretty odd bits of Beatles memorabilia hit the auction block over the years, but this is one sale that seems legit: the piano Paul McCartney and John Lennon played during 'Help!' -- and which McCartney reportedly later used while writing 'Yesterday' -- is about to find a new home.

The NME reports that director Richard Lester, who worked with the band on 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help!' in addition to directing Lennon in 'How I Won the War,' purchased the piano from Twickenham Studios, where it served as an in-house instrument for "dozens of feature films" dating back to the '30s. He's decided to part with it, and will be selling it at auction on March 20. It's reportedly been valued at £50,000, or roughly $83,600.

That's a lot of spare change for your average Beatle fan, so it'll be interesting to see who ends up walking away with this. Perhaps if we all put our money together, we can come up with enough to buy it and have it installed in the Ultimate Classic Rock offices? We promise to let you play it when you visit.