Whether you eat the long grain variety, the Arborio "risotto" style, a baby-style cereal, or even the infamous Rice Krispies - chances are your rice has some arsenic in it.  Arsenic is a known human carcinogen.

In a study of 60 popular styles and brands of rice taken from U.S. grocery shelves, all of them were found to include concern-able levels of arsenic.

In particular, a style of rice that has become a health-food of sorts in recent years scored the highest amounts.

Food industry experts and those close to the research are suggesting ways that consumers can limit their exposure to the carcinogen.

In the absence of government regulation, steps that consumers can take include limiting infant rice cereal to one serving per day for babies and excluding rice milk from the daily diets of children under the age of 5, the report said. Adults should eat no more than two servings of rice per week.

Officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration say that they plan to make their own study and make recommendations before the end of 2012.

UPDATE 3-U.S. needs arsenic limits in rice - Consumer Reports | Reuters.