Talking with my friend Cathy this morning and we started to mention how things are changing and how things are disappearing. It's rumored that book stores will be a thing of the past, in most cases they already are.

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Record Albums, 45 single play discs and cassettes. I know, cds are close too. The mp3 is the king. The part that I don't like is, there is no physical connection anymore. The wait to get the album, to see the cover, see who wrote the song, who played the song, and liner notes. All gone. mp3, you like it, you have it, you hate it, dump it.

Drive In Movie Theatres- I think most people connect this with dating. I connect it with family too. I saw quite a few movies at the old skyline drive in. I wonder how long before people don't go to the theatres.

Pagers-These were the thing, people could get a hold of you no matter where you were, you would call them back on something called a pay phone. You could ignore them too. Now with cell phones who needs pagers.

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Typewriter-a what? Yes, before there was word and microsoft, there was a typewriter to put everything neatly on to paper. The trouble was, if you made an error you had to have white out to cover it, or everyone would know you suck at typing. Having said that, everyone would know because the letter was a little above or below the rest of the line.

Film strips- Sometimes these were loaded to sync with a cassette tape and show pictures and sound. When you were loading it you had to get the teeth of the machine to jive with the film. One false move and the projector would eat the film and spit it out folded and mutilated. The tape that would sync with the film would "ding" when it was time to advance the film, so if it wasn`t synchronized perfectly with the film, the classroom would be  confused.

Aluminum TV dinner trays-Swansons dinners that our mothers used to shove in the oven for an hour, then she'd serve them to us on actual TV trays, as we sat before the TV and ate. If I am correct there were 4 choices for dinner. Turkey, Salisbury steak, Fried Chicken, and Pot Pie.

What other things can you think of that are gone, so much technology has changed our lives and changed the landscape of products. There is a whole generation of people that wouldn't know how to run a zerox machine.