There are plenty of incredible stories about Grandma’s Marathon and what runners endure, but I will bet you a steak dinner you never heard about this happening.

I was very lucky to be the host and MC at the beginning of Grandma’s Marathon which starts in Two Harbors. There was a sea of people stretching, talking strategy, smiling and getting ready. What do I see it in the corner of my eye? This huge dog running towards the starting area of the race. Well it turned out to not be a dog, but a deer! As myself and the people around looked in amazement, this deer bounces over the fence along the staging area for the race and starts to panic as it tries to weave its way through the mass of people. Dodging left, right, people jumping out of the way. Except for the one guy who was the tallest guy standing out there and him and the deer collided. The deer went down on its side, the man buckles down to one knee. They both get up and the deer runs off to the other side of the fence as we all stand at amazement at what we just saw. I don’t know the runners name, nor was there time to get video or even a picture. I hopped on the mic asked if the guy was okay, he gave the thumbs-up and continued to get ready the 40th Annual Grandma’s Marathon.

This is a story that is true and an incredible story for this man to share for the rest of his life. Who can say they were running a marathon and was struck by a deer? I've told the story over and over this weekend and people are truly amazed. If anybody knows who this man was having get a hold of us love to talk to them on the air.