Before the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday (11/20/22), Somebody trolled the Vikes with a #skolsalute.

The highly anticipated NFC matchup had the 8-1 Vikings hosting the 6-3 Dallas Cowboys at US Bank Stadium. The Vikes were looking to improve their win streak while Dallas was trying to overcome their heartbreaking overtime defeat from the Green Bay Packers last week.

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Before the game, the Vikes typically have some kind of hashtag for fans to use in hopes it will be shared on the jumbotron in the stadium. Today was no different as the hashtag was "skolsalute".

It gave fans a chance to share stories and photos of loved ones who have served or are currently serving to be featured on the big screen. Plenty of fans took part, but one stood out.

One individual saw an opportunity and took it. They used a picture of adult film star 'Johnny Sins' and used it for #skolsalute. The tweet said, "This is my cousin who served in the Army. He has always been an inspiration and someone I look up to for his heroism. He is also a HUGE Vikes fan #skolsalute".

Of course, the Vikes went with it and shared it on the big screen. I'm sure they had no idea, and maybe it was bad luck. The Cowboys went on to win 40 - 3 and stunned the Vikes. I'm sure the same way people were stunned that an adult film star was shown and the big screen in one big troll. Check out the original tweet below:

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