Hard ciders are becoming more and more popular. Every year there are more craft ciders coming into the stores. It sure stinks when you spend 10-15 dollars on a 6 pack and you end up hating it. That's why I always will sample one first if I can, and luckily for me I was able to sample Wolfeer Cider today.

Wolffer Cider is made in New York, using New York State Apples. It's a high end cider, normally retailing for 13 bucks or so for a 4 pack. That's expensive, but this cider is unique. They use grape skins to enhance the flavor. Mark from Keyport came in today and told us how technically you can't use grapes in your cider, otherwise it's considered a wine. But, in this case, just using the grap peels, you can have a nice balance of flavor.

They have several flavors. We sampled the Sweeter Red Cider 139. It has a very fruity taste and really isn't that sweet. There's a lot of flavor, and they are natural and refreshing. It isn't a blast of artificial sugar like some of these drinks have. This tastes crisp and clean and refreshing. You gotta be careful with this stuff though. It's 6.9% alcohol and it doesn't taste like it.

We also tried the Dry Rose cider. For being a dry cider it did have a tart bite to it. But it wasn't overwhelming. Once again very well blended.

This is definitely one of those ciders where you don't want to judge the book by the cover. Looking at the label, I would have guessed this would have been a very sweet, fruity, over the top cider, when in fact it is absolutely perfect.

Oh, and a little tip: right now Keyport Liquor has them on sale for 2.99 a 4 pack. Or buy the case like me for $15.99.

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