You could be getting scammed out of your tax returns, and your identity. A new gang that started in Florida has been stealing social security numbers and using them to fill out fake tax returns and collecting the money. The worst part is, it was easy.

According to the government, the reason it worked for so long is taxes are mostly done on the honor system and only audits are done on returns that show a red flag.

NBC 2  found out, "It's so wide spread that if you're involved in any type of criminal element, you're probably involved in the tax fraud scam as well. " said Andrea Davis, Spokeswoman for the Tampa Police Department. NBC2 Investigators have discovered that many gang members are involved in the crime.

In fact, gang members are using the money to buy drugs for themselves or buy the drugs to set up a drug business.

According to NBC 2, Florida's Rashia Wilson, known on the streets as the "Queen of Tax Fraud" was indicted along with her boyfriend Maurice Larry. The two are accused of stealing $1.1-million in tax fraudulent tax returns.

They were the ones who broke the code and weren't afraid to share the wealth.

One thing I would advise, If you have any questions about taxes or your SS number, call a government official, or authorities if you suspect this has happened to you.

The sad part is they can use your number to steal and get the money right away on a debit card and you have 8 to 10 months of headaches to recover your identity.

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