For some reason, people seem to love kitchen gadgets;  I don't.  Garlic peeler?  Who needs it when you have a chef's knife and a cutting board.  Quesadilla maker?  Hello frying pan, grill,  or baking sheet.

That's why I found Victor Paul Alvarez's blog interesting reading.  He lists things like Banana Slicers, Microwave Omelette Makers, Garlic Peelers, Pressure Cookers, Woks, even Margarita Makers.

Off the top of my head - I would add Ice Tea Makers and - those K-Cup coffee makers.  Did you know that a recent study of K-Cup coffee prices demonstrated that if you compare the cost-per-ounce of those handy little K-Cups, you're paying $50 a pound for that coffee?

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