If you bought YoPlus yogurt - manufactured by General Mills and Yoplait USA, you could become part of a class action lawsuit.

The Settlement resolves a lawsuit claiming that General Mills, Inc. and Yoplait USA, Inc. (“Defendants”) engaged in deceptive and unfair conduct in violation of state consumer protection laws by advertising that its YoPlus®-branded yogurt products provide digestive health benefits that regular yogurt does not provide. Defendants deny all allegations and are entering into this Settlement to avoid burdensome and costly litigation. The Settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing.

The court didn't rule either way.  Instead, both sides came to an agreement that includes a settlement.

If you bought YoPlus yogurt between July 26 2007 and July 5 2012, you may be entitled to part of that cash settlement.

For more details and information on how to take part in the class action settlement, click here.