Broadcast interruptions are real and people have found ways to break into broadcasts. Two more famous ones, the Max Headroom broadcast from Chicago and Captain Midnight's break into HBO. Others may be more internet lore like the Old Tape interruption of a college radio station in New York or the Birdman of Jacksonville.

Scrolling through TikTok videos that have to do with "Wyoming"  you may discover a broadcast intrusion you've never heard of before "The Mystery Behind The Wyoming Incident".

I was intrigued and began to watch a young man explain how one night in the mid to late 1980's a Wyoming news broadcast was interrupted by a 6-minute long video that showed a series of unsettling images and text.

After I watched the video I immediately went to Google and searched the phrase "The Wyoming Incident".

My screen was immediately filled with videos of the original incident, reaction videos, links to articles about the phenomenon, and theories abound about what happened.

After watching the "original" video and reading several articles and dozens of comments, I admit that I was left feeling more confused than when I started.

Here's a quick outline of what happened.

A Quick Retelling of the "The Wyoming Incident"

Various versions of "The Wyoming Incident" can be found all over the internet. Below is what seems to be the most widely shared story...but is it true?

Below is supposedly a copy of the video footage that was aired, but I have a few questions for you after you watch it.

Right off the bat, did you notice what year the news anchor said it was?

"The 2008 General Election"

But, maybe that was just added for the purpose of resharing the video because the original news footage from the 1980s was missing?

Yet, if they didn't have that footage how could they have this?

According to many comments, it was all a hoax started by

But, according to just as many OTHER comments, the broadcast interruption was real and was a prank developed by two unknown college students.

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