In India, a bride was humiliated after a power outage in her village caused massive confusion during a quadruple wedding ceremony, and she almost married the wrong groom.

Certainly, this is not the "power couple" relationship status she had dreamt about.

According to the Independent, the bride's father, Rameshlal Railot, arranged for his son and three daughters to be wed on the same day during a traditional wedding ceremony.

Keeping up with their local practices, Railot's daughters wore the same style of bridal gown and covered their faces with wedding veils.

As part of the pre-wedding ceremony, all brides and grooms gathered together to partake in a series of traditions, including an exchange of garland and wedding vows.

The pre-wedding ceremony went awry around 9PM when suddenly, the power was cut, leaving all guests and the wedding party to stumble around in the darkness.

instead of halting the wedding and rescheduling the event, Railot decided that the "show must go on."

When the lights came back on, it was found that a major mistake had been made in the bride and groom lineup.

Railot's daughter Nikita was holding hands with and about to marry the wrong groom.

Nikita was originally set to marry a man named Bhola. However, during the outage, her hand was mistakenly given to a man named Ganesh.

Though Nikita and Ganesh had performed all of the pre-wedding rituals, the power was restored just in time for Nikita to be ushered back to join her original groom, Bhola.

The wedding ceremony continued without other issues; however, the family is embarrassed, and the village realizes this is a huge problem for them.

According to the Independent, Nikita's uncle, Sitaram, says that power outages are a regular occurrence in their village due to the village not having proper electricity.

The town is now asking for help, as this incident could pose a severe problem for their community.

"It is insulting for us — because of a power failure, we suffered this humiliation," Sitaram said.

Indian government officials claim they supplied power to all of its unconnected villages in 2018. However, the reality is that power is spotty due to poor regulations and proper line maintenance.

For now, residents see the silver lining in the wedding snafu as a sign that their "matches are made in heaven" and a good example of another reason power in their village should be made a priority.

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