It's now famous after it was leaked in 2017. The 'Nimitz Encounter' with a flying tic tac UFO has gathered a lot of attention. Several of the Navy pilots that encountered this object have gone on the record describing it as something beyond conventional technology. If you haven't seen the video, here it is once again.

So we've heard from the pilots, but now Popular Mechanics has interviewed the Navy crewmen who saw these things on radar and their experiences. They go on to describe the blurbs and things they were seeing on the radar behaving erratically. The objects went hyper sonic, pulled incredible g's, and are obviously a technology far superior.

Multiple veterans in the article go on to describe how they were instructed by individuals on the ship they had never met to erase and hand over data recordings. The men were described as wearing generic flight suits. They were not on the ship before the incident and did not remain on the ship for long.

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So is this a men in black thing? It has to be. Whether or not those ufos were from another planet or another country is still a mystery. Could it be our own top secret technology? It's possible, but if it isn't our tech, that's a scary thing.


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