I guess if you are going to get caught, you might as well get caught doing it all wrong.

According to the Pioneer Press, the Minnesota State Patrol arrested Daniel Hanses of New Richmond Wisconsin going the wrong way on I-35 in Carlton County Minnesota. He was traveling in the southbound lane going the other way. Kind of calls attention to ya if you are doing that. That led to a chase and eventually stopping the vehicle.

Twincities.com says the Troopers pulled him over and when they approached Daniel's car they noticed a bottle of Vodka sitting next to him. That was the first clue. He had the look of having had a few drinks which included speaking with slurred speech. When they asked him he did admit to having a little alcohol that day. That line will be funnier when you read the next paragraph.

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The report goes on to say the troopers asked him to take a breath test and he blew a 0.238, which is three times the legal limit. Which shows he didn't just have a little alcohol that day, he might have had most of the bottle sitting next to him.

This was not his first offense. The Pioneer Press says he has been convicted of 10 DWIs in Minnesota and 8 more in Wisconsin, which also included a felony OWI in 2016 in Wisconsin. Why he was driving is beyond me.

Upon the arrest, his license was canceled. Why he even has one after all the infractions is scary. According to the report by the Pioneer Press he faces two felony counts of DWI, each has a max sentence of 7 years in prison and $7000 fine, which I'm sure will be recommended. He also faces a gross misdemeanor and two misdemeanor charges.

I know both states are tough on drunk driving so I am left wondering why someone like him had fallen through the cracks. It could be because the infractions were in different states. Just in Wisconsin alone according to DUI Driving laws, you lose your license for a fair amount of time after two DUIs. Minnesota DUI Driving laws say after two you lose your license as well and must pay to reinstate some of the privileges.

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