Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? If you are, you definitely have something to look forward to!

The National Weather Service of Duluth took to their Twitter page on Monday (December 7th), laying out the probability that we will see a snowy holiday in the Duluth and Superior area. According to their forecast, we will be seeing a white Christmas this year!

To be more specific, the National Weather Service of Duluth says there is nearly a one-hundred percent chance that it will happen this year. In fact, they say the probability of it happening is between ninety-one and one-hundred percent.

This doesn't mean we are going to be seeing a huge snowstorm or anything like that. As mentioned in their tweet above, having a "white Christmas" simply means we will have a snow depth of at least one inch. However, it is also totally possible that we will see some heavy snow come Christmastime.

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It has been a fairly mild month so far. Even though at the time of writing this we are only about a week in, we have seen temperatures in the 30s and only a few flurries to speak of in the Twin Ports area.

The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center is forecasting an overall mild December for our area, with above-average temperatures and precipitation totals near normal.

We better enjoy it while we can because we are expecting a La Niña winter across the country. This means frequent cold snaps and heavy snow. Everyone hold on tight for 2021!

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