Lots of excitement is building for the nationwide solar eclipse sweeping through the United States on August 21. While the Twin Ports will only see roughly a 3/4 eclipse, it will still be a sight to see - if the weather cooperates. Will the sky be clear enough to see the eclipse in the Northland?

Even if it ends up being cloudy and/or rainy, there are still pretty good odds there will be a noticeable difference in how light it is during the eclipse (assuming we aren't dealing with a strong thunderstorm). The difference is that there won't be much to see other than the fact it will get dark for awhile in the afternoon if that's the case. So, how does the forecast look?

As of right now, not all that great. While there is a bit of a chance of rain in the forecast, clouds are definitely going to be an issue. During the time of the eclipse (between 11:45 am and 2:30 pm), mostly cloudy conditions are expected. Cloud cover between 80% and 90% is anticipated during this time. The sun may peek through the generally cloudy sky to give locals a look at the eclipse, but the odds aren't in favor of that from the looks of it.

Here is the latest cloud cover projections from NOAA. Gray areas are those where cloud cover is anticipated.

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