What is your nightly ritual for going to bed? Brush your teeth, wash your face, put on PJs and climb into the sack. What else should you do to be safe?

One thing that is recommended by Good Housekeeping before you go to sleep is closing your bedroom door. According to a study done by UL, 60% of people sleep with their door open. A closed door can slow the spread of flames, reduce toxic smoke, improve oxygen levels, and keep it cooler from the flames.

Everyone knows the old trick of feeling the door handle to see if the flames are close will help you to keep the door closed and not let in the flames further spreading the fire. The key to that is the door is closed in the first place to give you that luxury and to give you time to make other plans and still be able to breathe.

Remember to close your bedroom door at night, but also your kids' rooms as well. Also, make sure you test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, check your home for potential fire hazards, and have a family escape plan, or make one.

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