I came up against a strange truth that hit me in the face. My son Sam likes a lot of movies that women would like and he likes a lot of things that girls are in to. Now, he isn't a Barbie playin' boy (which would be fine), but he does like things some girls like.

I realized that I have be influencing him, when he said, "Daddy, what does it mean when someone says you are a girlie boy?". Well, I said, sometimes people don't understand that you like things that girls like, so they call you a girlie boy.

I went on to tell him how I enjoy fashion and watch many fashion shows, and a lot of my friends are girls and that Daddy used to work in a women's clothing store. I used to idolize Mary Decker, the runner, and looked up to Chris Evert Lloyd. I am a huge Heart fan and .........wait, I told him, it's okay because Daddy must be a girlie boy too.

I didn't realize by having many women around me growing up, that I had been influence and shaped by them. It ain't a bad thing either.

I thought about some of the movies I like most and they could be considered chick flicks. I like a lot of the shows that other women like.Jodie Foster has always been one of my favorite actresses.

So, to all the girlie boys out there.....cheers. It's okay to be a man and have feelings.



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