Remember how you used to get stopped in the mall to answer questions from a person with a clipboard, well I'm that person, for now.

Why do we kiss under mistletoe? says that many cultures loved it's healing properties. Greeks used it for spleen disorders, Romans for epilepsy. The Celtics were the first ones to use it for romantic use. It would blossom in the winter, so the Druids used to restore fertility.

The Today show says romantic kissing of a stranger started with English servants. (Which makes no sense to me.) who would celebrate Christmas by doing some Christmas games because they weren't going home for the holiday? I guess you could say it was an early spin the bottle game for adults.

Now that you know why we might be kissing under it, I need you to think back to before COVID-19. Right now, I don't think anyone is going to kiss under mistletoe anywhere. So, we are back a couple of years ago. Would you kiss a stranger under the mistletoe?

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Getting back to my question. I would, when I was younger, now I'm not so sure I would do that. Many families consider it a tradition, but that sounds creepy. (Why is Uncle standing under the mistletoe?)

I was at a girlfriend's house many years ago and the family would force new couples to go under the mistletoe and kiss, and it fact it was fun because they would follow you around and hide it then pull it out and make you kiss.

Getting back to what I said before. I'm not sure I would do that now that I'm older, and I know for sure no one would do it during the Pandemic.

So, would you kiss someone under the mistletoe?



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