Middle of the day and a call comes in, sometimes it has a local number listed, so you answer and it's someone on the other end selling something or telling you to vote for their candidate.

According to NYtimes, 48 billion robocalls were placed in the US last year, which is 46 percent more than just a year earlier. So why so many calls? Because businesses can call you if you said you were interested in something in a quiz you took to win something, or you bought something from them, they will call you.

According to a recent NBC News report, robocalls are worse than ever. Americans received in excess of 4 billion of the calls in June 2018, up from more than 2 billion in January 2016. Mental floss reports that telemarketing calls also topped the list of consumer complaints filed with the Federal Communications Commission. Telemarketer has to follow the same rules as companies who robodial. They can not call you out of the blue, the phone calls have to be unsolicited, Unless, you are not on do not call list at donotcall.gov



So I looked this up on the do not call website, all robocalls (except those that are informational, survey-based or from charitable groups) are illegal. This was made law 2009 applies to all phone lines, regardless of whether they appear on the Do Not Call Registry.


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