Aaron Rodgers knows what he can do on the football field, and when someone undermines him, he shows them what he can do.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be in the Hall of Fame, first ballot. This year you will see why. He has had a couple of lackluster seasons, some say. That's only because he has given us many great seasons to compare to.

When Green Bay drafted Jordan Love, I think that made Aaron Rodgers think, hmmm, this is what happened to Brett Favre. Brett handled it differently. Aaron wasn't shown the ropes, wasn't given advice and wasn't a friend of Brett Favre.

Now Aaron is in the same situation. He is declining (as far as stats go) and so Green Bay is thinking ahead. This is when Aaron finds motivation. FS1's Joy Taylor said on The Herd, she is scared of him because he is playing with the ultimate chip on his If shoulder.

NFL.com says Rodgers likely will be out to prove that Green Bay made a mistake and took Jordan Love too early. That he still has something to prove. Aaron is best when someone says someone is better than him or that he is done with showing his greatness. Next thing you know, he throws an 80-yard bomb to win the game. He will prove he is the greatest or he will have a highlight reel for his next team.

If Green Bay does to him what they did to Favre, Mr. Rodgers will move to a new neighborhood. (Yes, that's a pun).

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erred in drafting a quarterback when he has four years left on his contract. He'll also be out to prove to potential future employers that when the time comes, he's going to be the best free-agent quarterback to hit the open market since, well, maybe ever (assuming he's not traded before becoming a free agent).

The fun part will be, Green Bay Packer fans will enjoy watching a pissed off Aaron Rodgers show the NFL not to underestimate him.

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