Van Halen just released their first live album with David Lee Roth last Tuesday. I am a little disappointed. When I went to see them in Minneapolis, David Lee Roth seemed like he was calling in the show. He was talk singing and not even singing lyrics.

Somebody must have said something to him because after Eddie's guitar solo he was singing them like I remember them. On the new album "Tokyo Dome In Concert", Dave sounds like he is calling it in again. He talks so much, it gives me the impression he loves himself.

Sammy's live record with Van Halen sounds close to the original recordings. Sammy gives you your money's worth. So here it is, both singers live. Who does Van Halen better. Here's an explanation of each.

This one is "When It's Love" ,Sammy Hagar & The Circle (featuring Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson).

David with Van Halen on Jimmy Kimmel Live


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