Mary Bue was in our studio back in February and talked about making her latest album "Holy Bones". She said she would be filming some videos for some of the songs and working on play dates.

She just released her first video for "Cheribum", which I might add is my favorite track on the record, this week and shared it with us. The idea came from a tarot card reading that came up all Cherubs, and according to Mary's blog at

The reader gal said that in the context of this reading these cherubs know allllll about your romantic past,  down to your thoughts,  deeds, desires.  This kind of freaked me out as I thought about all those love letters and misadventures in my dating history … I spun a little tale about it and wrote the shortest song I’ve ever written – also the most pop-punk song that’s come to pass in my repertoire.

In her latest video, "Cheribum", she tosses out some love letters and the "Cheribum" follows her, and in following the belief that they know your past, Mary encounters others that have Cherubs following them.


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