There's nothing quite like a designated food holiday to make non-cooks squirm; You can't hide behind Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or even the 4th of July fireworks:  Thanksgiving is all about the meal.  As the resident foodie in the building, I tend to field a lot of questions each year around this time - from when to thaw a turkey and what process to use, to what inventive sides can someone make to add some zest into their celebration.

Recognizing the importance (and volume) of these sort of questions, long ago many of the major food brands that are connected to the Thanksgiving holiday created hotlines;  call a 1-800 number and an actual human is there waiting to help (salvage) your meal.

But have you ever wondered who the people are behind the voices that answer the phones?  I recently read an interesting article that shed some light on these kitchen warriors.

I also learned some interesting details about the sort of questions and problems that arise.  Who would have thought that someone would think suntan lotion would be a good substitute for vegetable oil?  Or, that chainsaw oil would be a good replacement?

I hope your Thanksgiving meal comes out perfect!

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