Minnesota has a large number of teams representing many sports, is there one that stands out to Minnesota Sports Fans?

The Minnesota Vikings in my opinion have a tough road ahead. They have always been known for their tough defense. They have had to pass on a lot of the players to save money. Some of the players have declined and the Vikings moved on. Plus there are some stand out players that they wanted to keep but were up for contract extensions or raises.

The Minnesota Twins, in my opinion, this is a young team filled with talent and the Twins have spent some money for a few key players both for pitching and offense. Seems lately they could be a contender.

The Minnesota Timberwolves in my opinion have never had what it takes to win a championship. With LeBron James and Steph Curry and other standout players in the league. The Timberwolves get talent and either they want to leave or they fizzle. This year's team seemed to have some talented players, then COVID-19 happened.

The Minnesota Lynx-our representative for the WNBA. They have already won many championships and in my opinion, are maybe were a dynasty. Can they win it this next year, maybe? They always have good coaching and get talented players.

The Minnesota Wild. In my opinion, they need to put together a team that gets used to playing together. They always dump the good players to save money and it never helps them. How long before they get rid of Zach Parise because he makes a lot of money, the Wild is famous for getting rid of players when they make too much. I think this team has a better chance to make it to the championship faster than the Timberwolves.

Minnesota United FC, the soccer team. In my opinion, this team has the worst chance to win the championship first, they have new players, haven't had enough time to put a team together with drafting or free agency.

Now, what are fans thinking? It seems that Minnesota Twins fans showed up to support their team. Here's how the poll stands as of right now.

1. Minnesota Twins
2. Minnesota Vikings
3. None of them
4. Minnesota Lynx
5. Minnesota Wild
6. (Tie) Minnesota Timberwolves
Minnesota United FC
7. Green Bay Packers (Not sure this person understood)

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