When you had to save a few bucks, I think everyone experimented with this food, and other foods from when you were a kid.

Spam. Yep, According to Axios Spam is leaving the shelves really fast. People are discovering things that can make their dollar go farther. Spam is cheap, it is an accepted food now and people are combining it with veggies and pasta. Some flavors lend greatly to breakfast preparation like the bacon spam.

Remember when Spam was considered a last resort? People would buy it when that's all they had to spend. Now, with all the marketing to families and the different flavors it's making a comeback.

The meal set up companies are going to see a rise in sales. They have been able to keep up with meat sales and garden-fresh veggies and still keep prices down. According to Axios, Blue Apron has seen the biggest rise in their subscription sales and say it's only getting better.

Axios sites that people are seeing a rise in frozen veggie sales because it's the closest to buying fresh when fresh is not in stock.

The other reason I think it is selling well, it's made it's way to a quarantine diet. Axios is showing that people are buying it because they can stockpile it, just like boxed foods and peanut butter. Anything people can buy in bulk has become part of the diet for most people and then starts to dwindle at the grocery store.

Seeds are going to see a growth spurt too, sorry, no pun intended. NPR says eople are having a tough time getting vegetables at grocery stores so they are turning to creating a garden that they can grow their own food.

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