For some reason, January just seems like the month to get rid of that old junk that's cluttering your home and garage.  Maybe it's Cabin Fever.  Or, maybe it's the fresh onslaught of "stuff" that you received for Christmas.  Whatever the reason, many start to look around their home this time of year and start to throw away no-longer-needed items.

While general run-of-the-mill garbage is relatively easy to get rid of, there are some items that aren't.  Electronics.  Appliances.  Tires.  Mattresses.  Furniture.  Carpeting.  When these items are clogging up valuable space in your house - it's not as easy as just throwing them in the dumpster to be picked up.

So - where can you get rid of these items?

Luckily here in the Twin Ports, WLSSD makes it easy at their Materials Recovery Center. Located at 4587 Ridgeview Road - by the Duluth International Airport - the Materials Recovery Center accepts all of these items in order for them to be properly disposed of or recycled.  While there is a charge for some of the items, the cost is relatively inexpensive and helps to reduce toe amount of waste that gets sent to the local landfill.  It also keeps hazardous or dangerous items from ending up there as well.

WLSSD offers a good list of what is and what isn't accepted at the Materials Recovery Center on their website.  They also offer the following tips for easy disposal:

  • A sorted load makes your trip quick and easy
  • Sort items into categories:  Electronics, appliances, tires, household reyclables, scrap metal, junk, and items that may be eligible for reuse
  • Be prepared to pay on arrival.  The center accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover
  • Bring gloves and wear sturdy shoes and clothing for safe, easy removal of your items


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