Hey bud! I've got some (expletive) good news for ya! The 'Letterkenny' Universe is about to expand.

If you aren't familiar, the TV show 'Letterkenny' is a hilarious show that explores "the problems" of the citizens of a fictional small Canadian town - Letterkenny, Ontario. Full of crude humor, the show explores different groups of people in this made-up town of 5,000 people.

The series, which released its 10th season at the end of 2021, was originally conceived as a web series on YouTube called 'Letterkenny Problems'. It had since become a TV series that found a home on Crave TV in Canada and Hulu in the United States.

The show's creator, Jared Keeso, plays the role of a key character named Wayne through those 10 seasons of 'Letterkenny', but has also played a mysterious local hockey player named Shoresy through the years as well.

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While you never see Shoresy's face, fans had long suspected (and eventually found out) that it was Keeso who not only played Wayne, but also the hilarious and crude Shoresy.

While many characters on the show seem to dislike Shoresy, he has been a fan-favorite through the years. Making appearances in various episodes, his crude "your mom" style of humor adds a whole new element to a show that is already mighty hilarious without him.

Here are some highlights - just be aware, the language is pretty NSFW.


At the end of the 10th season, Wayne and Shoresy meet each other, and Shoresy eventually leaves to play hockey in a different town. This was the storyline launch point for the new spinoff series, which started development in 2021.

This spinoff will give Shoresy (still played by show creator Jared Keeso) a whole new environment in which to bring his antics.

The first taste of the spinoff that fans got came Super Bowl weekend, when an official trailer was released. While the trailer didn't give us much, it did give us a full look at Keeso in character as Shoresy, missing tooth and all.

This taste of the show left fans wondering, when is this show coming out? Multiple searches online simply said "coming in 2022", while others indicated Spring 2022.

We now know when it's coming out.

Creators dropped a new video to promote the show on the Letterkenny Facebook page, giving the audience a new look at the show and an official release date.

The footage released in promotion of the show offers a tiny look in to the series. The scene shows Shoresy's teammates in a locker room with the coach, named Michaels (played by Ryan McDonell) trying to pep the team up. Shoresy makes his presence known in a familiar way to fans of Letterkenny, eventually revealing Keeso in the full Shoresy look, hockey hair and all.

The filming style for this clip looks very much like a sports drama, which has me hoping that's how the whole series is shot. I think it would add an extra layer to all of the hockey satire we're bound to get with this show.

You can check out the fresh footage, just published Monday morning (April 19, 2022) below. Again, there's some coarse language. So heads up before you crank the volume on this one.

So, when does 'Shoresy' come out?

The caption included with the video shared on the Letterkenny Facebook page explains that it will be made available starting May 13 for Crave viewers. For those of us in the US waiting for the show, it will debut on Hulu on May 27, 2022.

If it follows the release style of Letterkenny, all 6 episodes will be released all at once. I'm personally hoping that's the case, because I will likely be crushing all 6 episodes in one sitting.

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