You've eaten the last turkey sandwich and consumed what remained of the stuffing.  Now that Thanksgiving is over many people turn their attention to the next holiday on the horizon - Christmas.  Perhaps more than any other holiday, Christmas is traditionally celebrated with decorations.  The question you might have is "when should up my Christmas tree"?

A quick peek around the internet yields a few different answers to that question.  It seems that some people start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween, wrapping the December holiday in with Thanksgiving.  Others wait until later.  Many religious denominations suggest waiting until closer to the actual date of Christmas - even as late as December 24 - until decking the halls for the holiday.

If there's a consensus, it would appear that a lot of people follow some combination of "the weekend after Thanksgiving" and "the start of Advent".  This time-frame allows the Thanksgiving holiday to be finished and it also gives appropriate reverence towards the Advent season.

When do you put up your Christmas tree and decorations?