I was reading my email the other day and noticed I had an email inviting me to an adult website, not odd, I get spam of all kinds, but this one was different.

This one had my name on it as an NBA player and that's why I received this particular invite.

It read: (I'm paraphrasing just to get the point across, and because some of it is a little risque).

Chris Allen
Hi! I wanted to reach out to you from (name of the site) because we are extending an offer to all NBA players and coaches who will be playing in Orlando. (name of the site) is offering NBA players and coaches a comped VIP membership to its website for entertainment 24/7. Please, take some time to mull over my offer.


(name of representative)

I'm thinking, I must have this email in my inbox because it is phishing or some kind of scam to get you to go there. I wasn't interested in the offer, but I was interested in finding out why they thought I was an NBA player. So, I did some searching.

Chris Allen was born on November 13th, 1988. He was born before I graduated High School. He went to Iowa State, he is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He plays for the NBA G-League and currently is a guard for the Koroivos team in Greece.

So, the next step is contacting him to do an interview.

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