I was on a walk with my son Sam when he noticed all the sand and garbage along the side of the road and Sam asked me, "Dad, I know where to put the garbage, but what do we do with all the sand?". I thought it was a good question, and now just days later the City of Duluth issued a statement for residents.

If you are cleaning sand or salt from sidewalks, curbs, and boulevards, you are asked to bring it to one of the Road Sand Collection Sites set up around the City.

Street sweepers collect road sand from the streets as quickly as possible in the spring. but the city asks for the extra help in cleaning sand from the grass and sidewalks or rain will wash the sand into our streams and can damage trout habitat.

The city has set up four dump sites around Duluth. The collection sites are large, green, roll-off dumpsters marked with a sign. They are open to all Duluth residents to drop off road sand from their sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Sites will be in place until early May at the following locations:

Chester Bowl (near the playground)

Duluth Heights Community Club Parking Lot

Piedmont Community Center

Wheeler Field (in the back)

These sites are monitored for illegal dumping.

The city asks that residents dispose of yard waste, leaves, grass clippings, and brush at the WLSSD yard waste site.

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