Questions, Questions....Finally Here's your FAQ about the Summer Heat starring .38 Special, Boogie Wonderland and Tempted Fate. What you should, or can bring to the Concert.

You can bring:

Your tickets, if you bought them online you will have to print them up, the staff doesn't have a list.

Lawn Chair, I recommend you stand and jump and party, but if you want to sit, what's better than your own chair. Don't bring your La-Z-Boy, leave it in the car.

Friends, prefer ones that will buy you drinks, food, or have bail money. (Just Sayin')

Spending Money, there will be fun things to buy from area vendors, not to mention t-shirts from the band and all kinds of KOOL 101.7 stuff.

Your ID, this is a 21+ show, so if you are younger, we will see you and your peeps at the Bieber show.

Canned Food Item, Benna Ford Roush is collecting to help area families through this tough time, when you do you will get $1.50 off at the Children's Museum.

You may want to have bug spray handy, sunscreen, and lip balm. Just a personal thing.

You can bring a small personal umbrella for shade but the buildings will do the job and then you won't have to carry it around.

Comfortable shoes, you are going to be dancing, walking, jumping, and movin' to the groovin' so make sure your feet don't give up.

Tube Tops, Bikini Tops, Tank Tops, whatever top is tasteful, and doesn't reveal your nipple rings that say your favorite band on them.


Coolers, not into the concert. If you and your buddies want to party big time you have to leave them in the truck. There will be beverages for consumption at the show.

Food, there will be plenty of wonderful items to choose from because Clyde Iron will have food for purchase.

Video recording devices. Ok Mr. Spielberg, this isn't a movie opportunity, if you want to have video to remember the concert, buy the DVD the band will have for sale.

Pets, no that doesn't include your husband. We are talking your cats or dogs, snakes, emu, etc. you get the picture. Your spouse should be the only one who can fetch for you.

Axl Rose, he always causes trouble, leave him outside.

See through mesh top, last time Rayman wore one we sent him home.