Last night I went with some co -workers to see Theresa Caputo. She was wonderful. I know some people don't believe in some things she does, that's ok. She went around the room and talked to people and their stories seemed to have one theme no matter what the story was. 

They all said, there was nothing you could do, lost that guilt. I was telling that to a friend of mine today that asked how the show was. She said, when it's your time, it's your time. I find that to be so true. When the person went or took their own life, there is nothing you can do. Some of the stories people came through with, I didn't want to die in front of you. One woman was left with a terrible noise her father made.

They all had the same lesson. Lose the guilt, you didn't kill me, you couldn't have saved me. The lesson is: anyone could die at any time, value the people in your life and don't sweat the details, leave this earth with people being clear who you were and how you felt.

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