It's one of the most anticipated movies to come out in a long time, and this trailer just sealed the deal for an epic 2020 release. Top Gun Maverick already throws back hints of nostalgia in the trailer, along with vague clues we can decipher from the plot line.

First, watch the trailer, and then I'll tell you what I predict from this movie.


If you remember back from the first Top Gun 30 years ago, Maverick decides to be a Top Gun instructor at the end. I assume that's where we pick up the movie. The topography of the first few scenes would fit the landscape of that area.

A line is said that no one else has shot down 3 planes in combat besides him in the last 40 years. I'm guessing some sort of real world conflict event is having him pulled back into active duty for a combat related mission that drones or younger pilots don't have the capability or experience to do.

He's getting to know the skipper (Ed Harris) aboard an aircraft carrier which makes me think he's definitely on an assignment.

We see some quick screen flashes of younger pilots that he no doubt will be in charge of as their CAG. (Commander of Air Group). We also see a young pilot that looks an awful lot like Goose (Mav's old radar intercept officer from the first Top Gun). I'm going to be bold and say it's Goose's son, now grown up and following the footsteps of his deceased father. Maverick is going to struggle to keep him safe while having him do his mission.  I may be making a bold prediction, but it could be true!

There's a female fighter pilot half his age, we will have to see if there is a love interest there. It is a Hollywood film and it is Maverick for crying out loud. He could try another bar scene sing along and maybe get a number.  We'll have to wait and see.

Maverick is flying a one-seater configuration of the F-18 Hornet. There was some speculation that he would be in a two-seater version to have someone with him to aid in dialogue for the movie, but that doesn't appear to be the case. There's also some scenes where he is wearing a pressurized flight suit most likely to be used in another aircraft besides the F-18. Maybe something experimental or high altitude?

As far as where the conflict takes place, I would guess over the skies of North Korea or a Northern Pacific Country. But that's just a guess as I can't really tell where those snowy mountain tops are.

One last important thing: In the last few seconds of the trailer you see a jet flying over the mountain top. We can assume that's Maverick. What's important about it is that he's flying the original Top Gun plane F-14 Tomcat which has been out of service in the military for over a decade. Is he flying off into the sunset? How will this iconic jet return in the film?

I don't know about you, but I feel the need for speed and can't wait until this one comes out.


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