When I go to the MN State Fair sometimes I will try something new but I always go back to the standard, corn dogs.

What was the top-selling food last year? According to Minnesota monthly, it's not cheese curds or pronto pups, it's the most iconic food created by a former St. Paul school teacher.  Martha Rossini Olson came up with Sweet Martha’s chocolate-chip cookies. Martha's has 3 fair locations and was able to convert her $17 pail of cookies, and other treats, into 4.3 million in revenue and that makes it the top-selling food at the MN State Fair.

Minnesota Monthly reports that the food vendors at the fair made more than $41 million in revenue and another $11.3 million in beer sales.

According to Minnesota Monthly here are the vendors who have sold more than 1 million dollars total over the years.

2017 Million-Dollar State Fair Vendors

Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar: $4,361,315

Giggles’ Campfire Grill: $1,576,022*

Mouth Trap Cheese Curds: $1,314,483

Ball Park Cafe: $1,159,279

LuLu’s Public House: $1,150,274*

Midwest Dairy Association: $1,139,846

Cafe Caribe: $1,126,968*

Shanghaied Henri’s: $1,088,586*

Fresh French Fries: $1,010,847

food and beer

The most interesting part of the report was that the top-selling cheese curd vendor was from Wisconsin. Dave Cavallaro from Ellsworth, Wisconsin, at the Mouth Trap Cheese Curds shop inside the fair’s Food Building. Every year 150,000 people hand over $6 for a tray of cheddar cheese curds.


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