If you use a real tree to decorate for Christmas, you may already have a favorite.  Perhaps your fave is based on what your family used when you were a child or the length of the needles that will be holding your precious heirloom ornaments.  Are any trees better than others?  Here's my take after reading about tree types with the National Christmas Tree Association.

Who knew there was a National Christmas Tree Association???  I want to preface this by saying I am no expert.  As a child we always had a real tree and my mom had her preferences.  As an adult I always went for what look best from what was offered, but there are some trees better than others for various reasons.  I am giving you my opinion based on what I've read.

As far as the 'Whites' go, there is White Pine and White Spruce.  According to the National Christmas Tree Association the white pine may have hold onto his needles longer, but those needles aren't the strongest for some decorations.  The White Spruce is the way to go for a great visual, pleasing color, needles last longer, but the downfall is the odor if the needles are crushed.

There's lots of 'Firs" to choose from and this is where direction of the branches come into play (who knew there was so much to consider).  This type of tree, based on the information I've read is most popular.  Good color, good shape and for the most part a pleasing aroma.  In fact, the candle I bought most recently was scented balsam fir.

The most annoying part of having a Christmas tree is when the needles get dry (even though you have diligently watered it) and fall off to get stuck in your socks when you wander by.  There's a fix for that.  Get a 'scotch pine', it remains fresh and if nurtured properly as your Christmas tree you can even replant it!