As the Northland gets ready for the winter season - and everything that brings - one of the questions that comes up is how various municipalities prioritize their snow plowing routine.  Even the casual observer will notice that some roads and streets get cleared a lot sooner than others.  While natural-born critics will argue that there "doesn't appear to be a rhyme or reason to any of it" - in all actuality there is; municipalities have spent a great deal of advance planning on determining the order and strategy behind it all.

As far as the City of Duluth goes, they've long had a Snow and Ice Control Policy in place that governs a great deal of this.  The policy seems well-thought out with a lot of contingencies and qualifiers in place.  There are specific sections that address the following concerns:

  • Decision to begin snow removal operations
  • Use of salt and sand
  • Snow removal
  • Method of snow plowing
  • Weather conditions/suspension of operations/limited staff
  • Snow and ice control properties
  • Minimum levels of service
  • Conditions which may impact goals included in the policy

The full details of the Snow and Ice Control Policy are available on the City of Duluth's website.  Click here to go directly to that page.

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One of the larger questions that may people have is "when will they get to my street" or "when will the get to my sidewalk". The City of Duluth has established pretty-rigorous Street Priority Routes and Sidewalk Priority Routes.  Again, the City of Duluth's website includes very detailed maps that completely lay out the routes as they have been established.  Click here to see the Street Priority Routes map and click here to see the Sidewalk Priority Routes map.

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