I buy a lot of things online and enjoy using my card. Some sites have my home phone and address, but I don't save anything on their site.

Anyone can find out that information by looking me up. I try to use PayPal and have my info saved and encrypted.

What if there is a breach. What can happen to your information and what should you do once you find out you have been involved in a breach?. Bank Of America offers these ideas and tips.

Look for official notification, sometimes the bank or business offers some ideas and will also give you the information that was breached.

Change your passwords to that site and to the cards you use most on that site. You may want to order a new card or cancel your card.

Your credit report may take a hit, best to let them know that you may be hit soon and that it is not your doing, ask them to freeze your report.

Monitor your accounts right away and keep an eye for a couple of weeks, you may get hit in other ways. If you see something that you did not authorize call your bank or card issuer right away.,

Look for unusual emails or texts. They may be using your email or text to try and hack your account and they use that to get information.

You may want to make sure your taxes are done so you can avoid a false filing, or at least call the IRS or local government.



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