Now you see 'em - now you don't.  There's good news and bad news from McDonald's today.  First the good:  Your order will be processed faster!  The bad:  McDonald's removed nine items from its menu to streamline the ordering process.

The process of eliminating food choices from restaurant menus isn't new.  All food establishments go through the process on a regular basis to remove unpopular or unfashionable items.  After all - the secret to a successful and profitable restaraunt is a streamlined menu.  Usually these changes happen all but unnoticed.  But when you're a restaurant as big as McDonald's - people care and people complain.

So what's gone?

  • The Deluxe Quarter Pounder
  • The Honey-Mustard Snack Wrap
  • The Chipotle Barbecue Snack Wrap
  • Six different chicken sandwich options.

Company officials say that the excising of these items won't happen overnight.  The menu items will disappear on a "rolling basis" - when each local restaurant runs out of supplies to make them.

This recent move in first quarter 2015 comes following a reduction in the fourth quarter of 2014 which saw eight items and five value meal options disappear.

Did any of your favorites disappear?