Yes, fireworks are legal in Minnesota. The little snakes and pop-its, cone sprinklers, and of course sparklers. What about all the fun stuff?

Getting any kind aerial firework in Minnesota is like when I was back in high school, meeting up in a dark alley as the firework guy opens up his trunk to the utopia of excitement of Fourth of July. Back in April, they try to pass a more lenient law for fireworks in Minnesota that went over like a bottle rocket that never explodes at the apex.

If you want the good kinds of fireworks, head over to the state where you can have a good craft beer, a block of cheese, and buy all the explosions and aerial spectacular that you could possibly want. I’m talking Wisconsin here people.

Wisconsin is where you can buy some of the best fireworks! Things like bottle rockets and firecrackers!

Here is a link to the Department of Public Safety website which fireworks are legal in Minnesota.

Okay, here’s my disclaimer, make sure that you read all laws and regulations for your state and area in which you choose to shoot off fireworks. Don’t be stupid, don’t let kids just run free with fireworks, and that includes your Uncle Bob who was going to be too drunk to be shooting off fireworks. Don’t hold onto fireworks as they go off.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July.