I have a friend named Elizabeth Chan, she writes Christmas Music and was doing an interview for Swedish radio and they said her album was so different.

I thought everyone sang Jingle Bells or Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  She thought they were just saying that to butter her up a little. They explained to her that Swedish Christmas Music is not about Santa and that they have different traditions. She couldn't believe it. They sent her some links to the music and she called me and told me about it. I told her to send me the links to share them with you.

What are their songs about? Does Andy Williams sing songs about their traditions? How many Elvis cds are about their traditions. None!!

I don't know any Swedish words and don't know what these are about, but hey are intriguing.

Here's Adolphson and Falk "Mer Jul"

Körberg - Gläns över sjö och strand


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