A student scratches the back of another student's hand while the student has to say a word that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet, all the way from A to Z. In some cases it can result in bleeding or an open sore.


Mother, Wendy Coombs, says her son came from school last week with an open sore on his hand.


A new game-- called the ABC game-- is being played at a middle school in West Craven, NC, and it's hurting kids.


Kids scratch the back of another kid's hand while they have to say a word that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet.


It has been causing bleeding and open sores and some kids hands have swollen up to twice the normal size.


Once the principal heard about it, he alerted the teachers, and sent a note home with the students.





It is very simple to know if your child is playing the ABC Game. They will have sores or scratches only on the backs of their hands.

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