I love squash.  There, I said it, some people cringe, some love it with me.  I think squash has been getting shove to the side and I don't understand why.  I've been baking squash and bringing it for lunch because I love it, my husband does not.  However, we are still able to find a happy medium and co-exist.  I'm beginning to feel like squash is treated like liver and onions (which btw, I don't like).  You rarely see that on menus, but squash is easy to make, keep and serve.  Why don't more restaurants serve it?

Squash is a root vegetable and very prevalent this time of year along with potatoes, corn and rutabaga (another thing I love and my husband does not, sigh!)  There are two kinds of squash winter and summer, but that's a bit confusing because the summer squash is available year round, the winter squash are the ones out now in late summer and fall and you'll still see most around in the winter.  I've been getting my squash at the Superior Downtown Farmer's Market.

Restaurants seem to be in the habit of trying to "out eclectic" each other by offering usual choices or traditional choices with a twist.  Why haven't any restaurants started to offer squash.  It's inexpensive and they can definitely make some jing off of it.  Serve the acorn squash with butter and maple syrup or brown sugar along side that steak in place of potatoes.  Or for a gluten free vegetarian dish, use the spaghetti squash and put a tangy tasty red sauce on it, in place of noodles.  I'd buy that and I"m not even gluten free or a vegetarian.

So, why?  Let's hear it, other than those that will comment that they think it's icky, is there another reason I am not aware of?

Some info from:  What's Cooking In America.net