What season is above the rest when it comes to the Duluth area? 

Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

Everyone has their favorite season, that's just a fact. This conversation stems from when I woke up today and it's rainy and in the 50's all day. That's some major Fall weather in the middle of July. It also made me realize how much I miss fall. Now I'm not a Summer hater, I'm actually a pretty big Summer guy. I love golfing or having a couple beers on a patio in Canal Park as much as anyone else. But there's just something about Fall that just puts it firmly at number one for me. It could be because I'm a big sports guy. Football and Hockey both come back in the fall, big plus for me. The pants and sweatshirt fall combo is also my favorite clothing option, which fall welcomes with open arms.

Spring and Summer are actually tied for second in my eyes. Summer is the sexy pick, I get it. But Spring doesn't get the love it deserves. Have you ever met anyone who isn't more chipper at the end of March and April? The weather gets continuously better each week (outside of the random snow storm, but that's just how we roll in Minnesota) and the days only get longer.

Winter can take a hike. Plain and simple.

But now we need to find out what you think. What's your favorite season?

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